Children are human, too

Micah Russell​​​​​
May 2017

As we become increasingly concerned about equal rights for all, let me elucidate an increasingly common infraction on equal rights: ageism. Ageism is the discrimination and prejudice of a human be-ing based on their age. Although no one believes they discriminate in this way, let me remind you that it takes an especially gifted child to be considered a “genius”, and it takes “experience” to qualify for most positions in any organization. In the United States legal action can be taken if an organization is found to be ageist, but even judges have stipulated that the law only affects those older as op-posed to those younger. Therefore there is no active law protecting the young from discrimination. 

Were this all, I would not consider this issue so dire, except we have a system in place to dismantle all the intelligence with which hum-an children are born. That there is a system to dismantle intelligen-ce coupled with legislation condoning the prejudice against a child having that intelligence makes this issue perhaps the most dire of all. Children are born with an inexhaustible imagination and creat-ivity. A project which might cripple an adult in a swarm of doubt and fear of public rejection is the project of the day for children. These projects are slowly spiced, then sprinkled, then covered with material meant to make children conform and fall in line. This pro-cess continues throughout a child’s education. (As if children need education to be intelligent!) If a child falls behind, they are not given opportunities in the world of the adults as if they had done some-thing terribly wrong. These adult children become our most rever-ed creators, artists, innovators, but it is too late for the others who humbly and innocently conformed to the adult’s system. 

We have a moral obligation as humans that we see no other hum-ans mistreated or discriminated. There is a significant percentage of the population that is systematically conditioned to conform and can be discriminated endlessly as approved by legislature. Let’s be the last to ever discriminate another human being because of age. Let’s build a world where children and adults can interact freely and equally. The beautiful thing about a system made specifically for children is that it works wonderfully well for adults as well, so long as they have not lost what makes them human. Good luck out there, my fellow humans. I love you!