Micah Russell
October 2017

The key to a happy, healthy, and successful life is not all that complicated. The key to life is knowing how to provide for your needs effectively. That may sound generic and vague, but only because we've forgotten how to take care of our needs. 

One example: do you know how to grow and cook food? While most know how to cook a few meals, few know how to grow and maintain plants that provide food. While it is good knowing what foods you love, imagine knowing the exact requirements for each ingredient to grow as well as how to prepare those materials for your consumption. Imagine your favorite food is cabbage. Your confidence that you can have cabbage constantly increases with you knowledge of how to grow the best cabbages. 

Example two: do you know how to obtain and purify water? While it is a known fact that the water that comes in your tap is perfect, how did it get to be in your tap and how was it made to be in that perfect state? Truth is, most houses get enough rainwater to provide for all the needs of the inhabitants, and the price for filtering that water in that house is cheaper than paying the water company. By the way, tap water is not perfect, but rain water usually is. 

Example three: do you know how to create an environment that produces breathable air? Few stop to think about the air they are breathing and where it has been. One typically does not question the air unless there is a concentration of an odoriferous gas, but everything good in air comes from plants and their ability to remove toxins and freshen the air. Plants in every body of air, or every room, will sweeten the air and make it more pleasant and healthy to breathe. 

These skills are necessary to a happy and healthy life, but no one knows all of these skills today. Why? Because we are under the delusion that with money all of these things will be taken care of for us. As if someone for hire always does a better job than the persons interested! You're the person who should be interested. These necessities are not luxuries. Stop relying on others to provide these necessities of life, and start living. Living is not survival. Living is art. This is verastruct.